Written Testimonials

Rachelle W from Sydney, Australia

When I decided to do my surgeries overseas, I sent out a lot of queries to various agents....Paul from Stunning Makeovers got back to me so quickly. He was so helpful and answered my MANY questions without apprehension and very professionally.  

I would highly recommend Stunning Makeovers, their professionalism, efficiency, caring and helpful response to my needs was greatly appreciated. 

Paul, thank you for all your help through the long process of organising my surgeries, hospitals, the accommodation and my general well being. 

It was great to feel that I was truly being looked after not only from Thailand but from you and Stunning Makeovers as well. 

When arriving at the Hospital, I met Dr Witoon and his lovely and so helpful nurses. He was so friendly and instantly made me and my mum (who came over for support) to feel at ease. 

He laughed with us and made the whole experience of getting drawn on enjoyable rather than daunting. 

The hospital in Phuket was 10 star (if that existed).....the most beautiful, clean and biggest hospital I have ever seen. I had a suite hospital room which allowed my mum to stay as well and all I can say about this room was that is was gorgeous and bigger then my hotel room.

Mum had her own lovely bed with plasma TV and so did I. Two bathrooms, full kitchen, dinning table and a lounge. We were stunned at how fantastic the experience at the hospital was. 

The nurses and reception staff at Bangkok Hospital were also amazing, so friendly and helpful. 

After the surgery they were always around and if I needed anything I pressed the buzzer and in 10 sec they were there. Such beautiful girls.....loved them all :) 

The service was amazing, couldn't fault the care or service that I received from Dr Witoon or the nurses at Bangkok hospital. Fantastic!!!!! 

10 star facilities......I still can't believe the amazing hospital. 

I would return for more surgery and would recommend Stunning Makeovers to others for the reasons stated above.

I definitely needed a support person to go.....I couldn't have done it alone, thank God my mum was there and I would definitely recommend that people having surgery book a spa room at the resort as it was very difficult to go in the pool with all the kids splashing. 

We changed rooms after one week so that we could enjoy some water as it was so hot there and I just couldn't risk getting into the pool.  

I just want to say thank you for all you support Paul.

Thanks again Paul xx  

Denee T Melbourne from Australia

I am VERY happy……and even more impressed with your services. I have already recommended you and your company to quite a few people and hopefully they all contact you in the near future. 

Top marks to the Stunning Makeovers Team. You made everything so easy for me and took a huge amount of stress and concern off my shoulders prior to departure and even after landing in Thailand. It was great to know that you were still there for me and my many silly questions.

So many of my friends were sceptical of having procedures done in Thailand, but after hearing my story they are all so keen to visit and have their own procedures done there!

A HUGE thank you to Dr. Witoon also………Top marks to the Team at Stunning Makeovers. I chose Stunning Makeovers because you had the best information available…. 

The hospital staff were GREAT! They treated me VERY well and the staff even made my friend comfortable and welcome. 

Stunning Makeover service was great and answered all my queries. The hospital itself was almost as nice as the resort I was staying at. 

Dr. Witoon is the nicest person with an EXCELLENT bedside manner………... Thanks to Dr Witoon

Without a doubt I would return and am already looking into what I want next.

I will recommend Stunning Makeovers ALWAYS!!! I have already recommended your services, due to the friendly support I received from start to finish. You make the entire process so easy

Jade G from Broome Western Australia

I Googled lots of companies and found Stunning Makeovers got back to me very quickly and kept me at ease with my appointment bookings etc and speaking via the phone was great.

Their service was fantastic. My doctor was fantastic, a very nice man….

The nursing staff were lovely. We would have a laugh at times and the support staff made me feel at ease.

The pick up service to and from hospital was fantastic and the drivers very informative. The hospital facilities was very clean, great room and food was good also.

I will and already have recommended Stunning Makeovers because they are fantastic at email returns and making the trip over easier and felt at ease going on my own to Thailand.

Iona E from Auckland, New Zealand

All is going well…………….I may have said before, but it’s really lucky I’m a good seamstress, as all of my long skirts and dresses have now been shortened to show off my new legs, and apart from my favourite pairs of Prada jeans, I will probably never wear trousers again!

I am being very diligent with wearing my night time compressions knee-highs every night, and that is helping a lot too.

So there you have it – one very satisfied customer!

Steve M from Northland New Zealand

My stay at Yanhee Hospital has been of total satisfaction.  The before and after treatment can be described as excellent. But it is the service of the staff that go that extra yard to provide my stay as one of total dedication with a smile.  

It’s the finer details that separates Yanhee International Hospital from the rest.  If I was asked where they could improve their service I could not fault any part of the service that has been provided to me.  

For anyone considering surgery I would suggest Yanhee International Hospital as the highest, superior services to provide a pleasant stay and fully satisfied with the services.

Maureen T from Queensland, Australia

I chose Stunning Makeovers to arrange my surgery overseas because Paul was in touch with in a phone call as soon as I emailed. He is very through and easy to talk to and nothing is to much trouble for him.

I am totally satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service. I would recommend Paul’s Stunning Makeovers Ltd for organising every thing for you.

The nursing and support staff were all wonderful and the service was exceptional and very happy with the hospital.

I would return for more surgery/dental treatment in the future and will recommend Stunning Makeovers to others because of your great service.

A special thanks to all.

R H from Northland New Zealand

First of all, I would like to thank you and your wife for organising the Stunning Makeover for me. As you know I got a tummy tuck …….. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Stunning Makeovers to anyone.

I would definitely come to you if I need to get another procedure done in the future.  

I must admit the thought of coming to Thailand to get my surgery done was scary since I haven’t travelled to any other country by myself since I have been in New Zealand.  

It was a big step for me and I am glad I went through with it.  Paul, you made me feel comfortable and very reassuring.  I rang you a lot to ask lots of questions about how the systems work, etc.  When I couldn’t get hold of you, you made sure to ring me back.  You sent me emails and posted me mail, you also explain things properly and professionally.

I wanted to get a tummy tuck for 4 years but I pushed it aside like it is only a dream.  

I watched extreme makeovers and wishing it was me getting the surgery done. When I started looking into getting it done, I finally decided I would call a few surgeons in New Zealand.  

Their quotes were between NZ$13,000 – NZ$16,000.  I could not believe it so I went back to square one.  It will take us at least another two years to save up.  

A friend came over to see my husband.  He told my husband how his workmate went to Thailand to get a boob job done really cheap and it looks really good.

My husband told me about Thailand and we searched on the internet. That’s when I found Stunning Makeovers.  

When Paul told me roughly how much it was going to cost me, I was shocked.  

I couldn’t believe it.  I was so excited and did some budget and waited eagerly for my husband to come home from work.  I told him the whole thing and he was just stunned he told me to ring Paul and start organising.

I would definitely recommend you guys as you put so much work into organising my itinerary, booking the surgeon and book my hotel and kept in touch with me.

Paul and his wife took care of everything. It was simple.  The nursing and hospital staff made me feel very welcome and the Thai people are so polite.

I would love to come back to Thailand with my family next time in the near future.  So thank you Paul!!! 

Nicola P from Perth, Australia

I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service everything well organised and easy. I will and already have recommend Stunning Makeovers to others

The whole process with Yanhee hospital was great. The surgeon informed me of my options etc and all was easy to follow and understand.

The dental went well. They were able to assist me with all the needs I required and they conversed well to make sure I could get the work done in the time frame I was in Thailand.

The nursing and the support staff were magic. I fell that it was so much more superior to here. The service was impeccable - what else can be said. I would definitely return for more surgery/dental treatment.

 I did like the area the hotel was in with plenty close by to keep one busy.

Ruth Y from Taranaki New Zealand

I went on a group trip and found the friendship and support of others in the group totally awesome. Also doing things is a group is so much easier.

Absolutely Fab experience. The culture, the food (wish we could eat spicier), the temples, the SHOPPING - MY GOD!!

Jennifer B from Wellington New Zealand

I can honestly say I’m 100% happy! 

Stunning Makeovers is a NZ company and Paul responded to my enquiry promptly.

Possibly after I had children, I would return to Thailand for breast augmentation and would DEFINITELY recommend Stunning Makeovers.

The nurses at the hospital, they were great and quite fascinating!. 

Having other Kiwis going on the same flight and at the same hotel is a fantastic idea, really makes things easier if you don’t have a partner/family member with you. (Group Trip)

Nicola H from Hawaii USA

I had a prompt and informative response to my enquiry by Stunning Makeovers which I liked.

My surgeon as good and the quality of nursing staff was excellent.  The hospital facilities was excellent and of top quality.

I am very happy ….. and would return to have a mini face lift on my next procedure and would highly recommend Stunning Makeovers to others.

My thanks to Paul for a great experience. 

Travelling to Thailand with Stunning Makeovers was the best. I appreciate Paul for his personalised and professional way he helped me.

Leocadio G from Sydney, Australia

A friend recommended Stunning Makeovers and we are very satisfied with their service and happy that everything went well.

The hospital was clean and the doctor was friendly and patient and explained the whole procedure to me and my husband …….  The nursing staff was very efficient constantly monitored my progress.  The service was what I expected…...

Everything went like clockwork very efficient staff and professional.

In a few years if I think of doing any other procedures it will be for sure at this hospital. I have no hesitation in recommending Stunning Makeovers to others.

I would like to pass on my thanks to the international nurse on level 4.  I believe she is from the Philippines that nurse in particular was excellent and caring. I think her name is Alexandra.

Angela C from Hamilton New Zealand

From the very start of my enquiries, Paul has been very helpful. He made sure all my questions were all answered and sent relevant information that I’ve needed to know. His service was great and very welcoming.

I knew from the start that I have chosen the right agent to get my surgery done overseas.

They made sure that everything is all well organised. He even made phone calls the day I was leaving. 

He has given me a lot of support. The communications was constant. And he even sent me beautiful flowers in the hospital. 

He made sure I was home safely and happy……..

I would like to give my sincere thanks to Paul McGowan for his professional way of organising my surgery. I am truly grateful for his great support from start to end. I am completely satisfied with all the service I received from Stunning Makeovers.

The surgeon was very open and friendly. He made feel safe and I am very satisfied ….. The nursing staff was super, everyone is wonderful and caring. My recovery was good. They really treat you well.

The hospital had very high standard compared to other hospitals I’ve seen. 

I would like to give my thanks to Dr. Wichian who did my surgery. To all the staff, I can’t say enough to appreciate all the care they’ve given me during my stay at Yanhee Hospital. 

I would totally recommend Stunning Makeovers to all family and friends.

Thank you very much for all your assistance, service and care you gave me. I’m truly grateful to all.

Melinda M from Brisbane, Australia

I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers. My surgeon was really clear on details and what to expect after surgery.

All the nursing and support staff were very nice and took the time to try and understand and help me and the services and facilities were really good. I would return for more surgery if I have the money.  

The cruise was great and really worth the money! I enjoyed myself very much and so did my travelling companion.

I would recommend Stunning Makeovers to others because Paul answered all questions in a very clear and understanding way. 

Jennifer W from Northland New Zealand

What is there to say about Stunning Makeovers and the service you both provide?  


Obviously, I had my doubts and concerns about having cosmetic surgery in a foreign country, and so far away from my family. But, I am so pleased that I had you both as my support team!!

Without your experience and knowledge regarding Thailand and its medical practices, I would probably be sitting here still contemplating when I would ever do it (ten years of hum and harring)!!!

So first off – THANK YOU BOTH FOR EVERYTHING!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOUR SERVICE….and will continue to do so, to any one out there, who is contemplating cosmetic surgery of any kind!!

…….The surgeon is so kind, so professional, and very honest in terms of knowing and recommending what was best for me!! He truly had my best interests at heart.........

His team that looked after me in the Hospital are BRILLIANT! I wanted to bring them home with me! This is where my biggest concerns, worries, anxiety etc…were eased!  Not to say I wasn’t nervous and a little apprehensive. But over all, they put my mind to rest, and I found myself “going with the flow”.

I spent that night in hospital and a day later, hit the shopping malls with my friends. I couldn’t believe it!

I have followed through on all the advice I was given by the surgeon and his nursing staff (re looking after my new accessories)

Yanhee hospital was under going a structural face lift for further expansion, but don’t be put off by temporary external appearances! It is lovely and clean inside and the service by all nursing staff that are there to greet and look after you is exceptional!! and they look fabulous as well!! They are so professional in appearance and the way they treat local and international visitors.

As regards my accommodation: once again, completely SATISFIED! It is clean, modern, and the hotel staff is friendly, polite and takes a personal interest in you while under their care.

A week after my surgery, I needed to return to the hospital for my check up and to have my stitches removed.

Well, with all that aside, an extra bonus of this trip…..visiting a country I never thought I would ever go to, seeing and learning all about their culture and way of life, and of course getting to know the Thai people themselves. If the opportunity arises, I will definitely take my family there, and hopefully, visit their stunning coastline and resorts!!

After 10 long years of should I, shouldn’t I, I’VE DONE IT, and I couldn’t be happier!! 

Melinda C from Auckland, New Zealand

I found my experience to be a very positive one

I had been a little wary of going overseas to have any type of surgical procedure performed, but was very reassured on entering Yanhee Hospital. I found it to be very clean, modern and impressive. 

The administrative staff are very helpful, the international staff lovely and attentive with very good English, and the nursing staff was exceptional with very quick attendance!  (I have to say, when you press your call button in Yanhee Hospital, the nurse is by your bed within 1-2 minutes EVERY TIME!) 

I was also impressed with the aseptic techniques used in all procedures.  I would have no hesitation in recommending overseas surgery at Yanhee Hospital. 

The surgeon was very friendly.....The Lasik team were VERY thorough, performing a multitude of tests both pre- and post-procedure.  I had been very nervous at the prospect of having Lasik performed (due to claustrophobia) and they were extremely reassuring, talking to me throughout the actual procedure, explaining every step and telling me it would be over quickly. 

Thank you to the team (okay, the pair) at Stunning Makeovers for taking all the hassle out of booking flights, hotels and consultations and for answering all my queries promptly and professionally! 

Your warm and friendly personalities made this experience enjoyable, and I look forward to sharing information evenings with you.

xx from Auckland, New Zealand

I chose Stunning Makeovers because it is a New Zealand company and were quick to respond to my initial enquiry, use certified surgeons and accredited hospitals.

Thank you Paul for organising everything so well for me and remaining professional. 

I can’t believe it’s such a short time ago that i was in Thailand. It was pretty much straight back to work for me and sometimes i find myself thinking if was i there at all - but I have a constant reminder that I was!

My experience was very positive. The hospital and my surgeon were great and I especially enjoyed sharing the experience with the other ladies and enjoying Bangkok and the Thailand culture. (group trip)

Thank you for organising everything so well for me.

I would prefer my name to remain confidential.

James W from Brisbane, Australia

I found Stunning Makeovers on the internet and very satisfied with their service.

My arrangements were well organised.  My surgeon was ccompetent and professional and the nursing and support staff were excellent.

The hospital facilities were excellent and service very impressive.  Nice, comfortable private room with everything.  Excellent specialist.

I would return for more surgery and recommend Stunning Makeovers because it is well organised,

Thanks Paul for the follow up. Thanks for organising everything, it was a great trip. 

KP from Melbourne, Australia

It’s been about a month now and. my eyes are healing well and although still a little puffy I am excited to see the final result. My breast augmentation ….full and a cup size bigger which is exactly what I wanted.

The nurses were very nice and came every time I called. Most of them spoke English which was good.

What I am most pleased about is the liposuction, I have a waist that I have never had before and I am wearing tight tops that I never felt comfortable in previously. I am so happy …..!

Overall I am extremely happy with how everything went and am already planning my nose surgery and tummy tuck for the future back at Yanhee.

Tina G from Tauranga New Zealand

I would certainly recommend Stunning Makeovers. 

I enjoyed my experience,…. and overall the organisation. I like their website.

Kathie H from Tauranga New Zealand

I read excellent feedback on Stunning Makeovers website and I like everything to be organised for me.  

The initial response time to my enquiry was prompt and informative.  The quality of information provided to me was excellent.  

My surgeon was excellent and the nursing staff and hospital facilities were excellent.

The hotel we stayed at is in the perfect location for shopping, dining and hairdresser, etc.

I am extremely happy …. and would return for more surgery and recommend Stunning Makeovers to others.

I particularly enjoyed meeting other women on the group trip and had a fantastic time just shopping and making new friends.

Ruth P from New Plymouth New Zealand

I travelled with my daughter and we both had to be happy with the provider and through Stunning Makeovers, a NZ based company we found this.

The in country transfer service, surgeon, nursing team and hospital facilities were excellent.  

Would suggest Stunning Makeovers to organise more group trips as we found the friendship and support of others totally awesome.  

Also got to do things as a group is so much easier.  

We love the Thai people, their food and culture wonderful.  Only wish is we could handle spicier food.

Carley D from NSW, Australia

I chose to go with Stunning Makeovers due to the company being extremely professional helpful from my initial contact. Most importantly there was no pressure which gave me peace of mind.

It is easier to have someone do all the organising and know that everything is done and is above board in a professional manner.  I am very satisfied and would recommend the service to friends and family.

Thank you Paul for all of your assistance. I'm really happy with the results.

The Surgeon was very good he explained everything to me and was more than happy to answer any questions. Dr Pitch is very personable. The Dentist was great and staff were all very friendly.

I really enjoyed the time in Bangkok my stay was very pleasant. I also spent time learning how to do hair extensions from one of the local hair salons and have bought everything back to do here.

I met many people from all over and of course I told them why I was there. Most were surprised and asked me how I managed to organise everything, hence I told them about Stunning Makeovers.

My mother was also very impressed and she was the hardest to convince the surgery would be a success. She passes on her best wishes.

Lizette B from Otago New Zealand

I Googled and made an online enquiry on Stunning Makeovers website.  

I had a relaxing time after my surgery.

I would return to Thailand for dental work. 

Maree W from Hamilton New Zealand

My friend recommended Stunning Makeovers to me.  

When I made the initial enquiry, the response to my enquiry was prompt and efficient.  Paul provided me with information.

I would definitely return for a facelift procedure in future.

Stefenie F from Townsville, Australia

Just a quick email to let you know I had a ball on my holiday! Thank you so much for organising everything. 

I could not be happier……t and the level of service from not only the hospital staff but the hotel and driver service as well. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone! 

Thanks again.

Lyn C from Bay of Plenty,New Zealand

I went with Stunning Makeovers as I was referred by a friend. Their service is excellent and I am satisfied with their service.

My surgeon was a llittle bit ‘fast talking’ and hard to understand but we got there in the end. The nursing staff was excellent and the service and facilities were also excellent.

I would definitely return for further surgery.  The hospital / service is better than can be offered in New Zealand plus the bonus of a two week holiday as well for less than the cost of surgery alone in New Zealand was very beneficial.

Overall it was a great experience and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone wanting to go for any plastic surgery/reconstruction.

Claire H from Auckland, New Zealand

Stunning Makeovers was easy to deal with. The website has good information with options and price.

Paul was helpful and his service was great and arrangements were well organised both here and in Thailand.

My surgeon was lovely ….. The nursing staff were great and always checking on me.  I loved the hospital and the way they had all the staff dressed. It was an experience.  The hospital service was good and facilities were clean. The staff were helpful and professional.

I sure would return for more surgery. I have no hesitation recommending Stunning Makeovers for their organisation, helpfulness and price.  The whole deal was very well done.

….the hotel I stayed at was in a good area for checking the city out and a really nice hotel too …...

Christina P from Hamilton New Zealand

I heard good things about Stunning Makeovers through a cousin. I am very satisfied with their service.

I would recommend Stunning Makeovers as their service was fine, ……………..

Melanie R from Sunshine Coast, Australia

I am absolutely stoked with everything!!! I couldn’t be happier……..  The pain was no trouble at all and I have recovered well :) No bruising, little swelling and feeling FANTASTIC!! :)

Thank you for everything

Felicity C from New Plymouth, New Zealand

I took the one of the soonest appointments available, delayed by a couple of weeks so that I could meet my brother in Thailand.

I chose Stunning Makeovers because out of all the companies that I contacted, Stunning Makeovers responded immediately with clear concise advice and maintained contact and support throughout.

I have found that Stunning Makeovers were helpful and supportive throughout.

Both surgeons were pleasant to deal with. I felt they dealt with me honestly and in my best interests.  The nursing staff were very helpful and friendly; 

I would have no problems with coming back if more treatment were required. 

I have no hesitation recommending Stunning Makeovers and I found Stunning Makeovers very supportive. 

Clare T from South Island, New Zealand

I travelled at the time I did because I wanted to be fully recovered by summer.  I went with Stunning Makeovers because their website was easy to follow and their replies were prompt and efficient. I couldn’t have got any better service!!!

I found my surgeon to be very polite and spoke fantastic English. The nursing were amazing, courteous and understanding.  All and all the hospital was great and would definitely return to Yanhee.

I will definitely recommend Stunning Makeovers and have told everyone how good the service was.  I would be very surprised if they managed to get better service from another company.

Thanks soooo much Paul for everything.  The whole experience was fantastic and went without a hitch. Your service was great and found it very personal. Will definitely be recommending you guys to anyone interested in plastic surgery.

Lucy W from Wairarapa, New Zealand

It was the spur of the moment and my partner and I had the opportunity to travel with Paul.

The company is in NZ and the price was great.  Paul made it easy...we didn't have to think about anything but what we wanted lol.

Stunning Makeovers service was Excellent! - Thanks for your help Paul.

I had vaginoplasty, breast augmentation and tummy tuck and tubes tied.

The nursing staff were fantastic and looked after me well. Overall the experience was fantastic.  Excellent facilities at the hospital but a lazy boy would have been fantastic for me in the room as the bed was really hard to sleep on while I was recovering (just a suggestion).

There is no question about returning more surgery in future. I will recommend Stunning Makeovers to others for ease, safety and price.

Shaan E from Auckland, New Zealand

The surgeon wasn’t very keen to do the Rhinoplasty surgery as he thought it would reduce my breathing even further. 

He referred me to the ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) surgeon who showed me just how bad my septum was.  I decided to go with the septoplasty surgery instead.  If I went with the Rhinoplasty surgery, the ENT surgeon may have been able to use the same incision but she wouldn’t have known, until I was on the operating table (unconscious).  I didn’t want to take the risk.

Not only can I breathe through both nostrils for the first time in years, but the depressed spot is no longer there and my nose appears straighter!  There was no bruising whatsoever and I was up and about in no time.  I’m keen to see the final result once the swelling has gone completely. 

I was disappointed that I couldn’t have my teeth done though. The ENT surgeon told me not to have dental work because they may knock my nose. So I’ll need to organise another trip for next year

I was kept well informed by Ms Pla and Mr T was always prompt and just lovely.  The hospital team were great – having the English co-ordinators (Joanne and Ms Pla) were fantastic. 

Both Daisy and I will certainly be re-booking.  I think Mum and Dad are interested in dental work too.

Melinda M from Brisbane, Australia

I chose Stunning Makeovers because they had better choices on where to go for surgery. I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service. 

The Surgeon was really clear on details and what to expect after surgery and all nursing and support staff were very nice and took the time to try and understand and help me. All services were really good

I would recommend Stunning Makeovers to others because all questions were answered in a very clear and understanding way

Bonnie M from Auckland, New Zealand

We had previously used Stunning Makeovers and found them to be good. Heard good comments about Stunning Makeovers from friends originally

We are satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service and found the experience at hospital to be 

good and would/have recommended to other kiwis, very professional. Good English.

The hospital has overall good facilities, that are clean tidy and professional

If I needed more work in the future I would definetly go back before doing anything here in NZ.

I would recommend Stunning Makeovers to others because it makes it easier and takes the stress out of everything such as contacting doctors/dentists and gives peace of mind. Stunning Makeovers are knowledgeable and can answer most questions straight away.

Awesome work - .thanks

Natalie P from Queensland, Australia

I am a little bruised around my mouth due to the lip augmentation but when the swelling and bruising goes down I will send you some photos.  The laser resurfacing was amazing! ……. all freckles, sun damage and pigmentation peeling off my face within days, what an awesome feeling.  

I also did a daily video diary to show the results as they happened.  I would be more than happy to share any of my before and after pics or videos to anyway who is interested in finding out exactly what to expect from the procedures.  I know it would have been good to see someone go through it before.

Anyway Paul, thanks again for your assistance and support.  I am so, so happy ……. I can’t tell you enough.  But you will see why I’m so happy when you see the after pictures and compare them with the before.  Major difference!!

Debbie M from Auckland, New Zealand

I have found the care and attention in every aspect of the nursing staff to be second to none. 

The nurses are gentle and efficient and response time to summoning is always under 2 minutes. Yanhee hospital is a well oiled machine and experienced destination for surgery. I have yet to see the results of my choice of surgery but the advice I have been given thus far to get the best results has been invaluable.

Diana P from Tauranga New Zealand

This was a birthday present for myself. I chose Stunning Makeovers because I liked how helpful and fast they were with response to questions etc, plus they were very helpful with ideas of things to do in Thailand.

I am super satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service. I feel like I got everything I could’ve asked for.

I would recommend anyone thinking of plastic surgery etc to go through Stunning Makeovers and have referred a lot of people to have a look at the website.

My surgeon was lovely, he spoke a bit of English which helped with the consult. He also made me feel very comfortable and helped me choose the right size implants for my body and answered any questions I had.

The nursing and support staff were Awesome Awesome Awesome is all I’ll say, I just loved the way nurses were with me through the whole process.

Overall, I’m just so happy with everything. The facilities were very clean, tidy and well maintained.

I felt like I was looked after well in all areas from consult to follow up :) I definitely would go back for more surgery

From my own personal experience I was overall satisfied with everything so think what you guys are doing is awesome.

I would just like to thank you guys in helping me with the experience I had. The surgery has really changed my life and I feel so confident now.

Simone T from Melbourne, Australia

We both looked on-line for a company that could give us professional discreet service and answer and queries we had at any given moment. Stunning Makeovers provided both.

Very pleased with the email contact and swift replies to any questions. The detailed itinerary was especially thorough and easy to read.

The surgeon was pleasant and willing to discuss any questions we had. He tended to me every morning and I was overly satisfied with his surgical skills.

The other surgeon was a very nice man that had all the time in the world to sit and answer questions and explain to the best of his knowledge. He was very capable and I felt relaxed and confident that he was the right doctor for my procedures.

He tended to me every morning and questioned me for aches and pains of which I had none. 

On my follow up exam he was very pleased with my results as was I and we left it at that. The support staff were extremely helpful and understanding. They were very nice people who offered information and assistance way beyond our asking. As with the nursing staff, you only had to ask and you weren’t kept waiting long at all. They were all genuinely caring and interested in your problems or queries.  

The range of services at the hospital was very impressive. It was quite a large hospital with every service available all under the one roof. This was very refreshing. No running around in cars or travelling from A to B. Just up and down elevators.  

Despite my initial reservations about having surgery in a foreign country, I would probably return for future procedures because the overall results are worth noting. 

The whole experience was one I would never forget and have basically regained a zest for taking care of myself all over again. It is extremely affordable and a culturally diverse experience at the same time. I am already planning and day dreaming about when and where and how.  

I would recommend Stunning Makeovers to others because of the common language shared with Paul and feeling that I’m not as big an idiot as I may sometimes feel. The professionalism is very high and the contact via text messaging was both surprising and welcome. It made me feel like I was being looked out for in a place where I knew absolutely no one. Thank you. 

A-M W from Auckland New Zealand

The reason I chose Stunning Makeovers was because the initial response I got was very quick and also polite without being pushy.  I had contacted others but they were too “fluffy”.  

The prices were also the best I had seen after looking around on the net.  

The follow up to my initial enquiry was good and although at first I did not go ahead with it, I was not ‘hounded’ like I was by other companies so then when some months down the track when I decided I really did want to go ahead with it I only went back to Stunning Makeovers.  

I also liked the website because it was comprehensive and seemed genuine without trying to hide information like other websites.  

I also liked the current currency converter – again this helped to give quick honest information.  The website again was not “fluffy” like others – meaning it was down to earth which helped make this a realistic experience for me.

I initially had doubts as I did not know who was behind the website, especially if I was to send photos of myself but the emails I exchanged with Paul and his professional and calm (not pushy and over the top) manner helped put me at ease.

I am completely satisfied with the service from Stunning Makeovers.  

Paul McGowan was basically on hand whenever I had an enquiry and believe me I had a lot of enquiries. Even if he was away he would email as soon as he possibly could and would offer an explanation. 

I did get anxious prior to my trip to Thailand and was a little overwhelmed and in my opinion at least, demanding. 

Paul was very calm and helpful and helped me through this with emails and phone conversations and by requesting further information and second opinions from surgeons – even from other hospitals.  

He did not try to push me at all or offer me promises to simply ease the situation or just tell me what I wanted to hear but genuinely offered me honest sound advice and information. 

I felt he was by my side rather than behind me pushing me.  

While in Thailand he was very accessible and again helpful and sincere.  

He arranged for me to meet other ‘Kiwis’ up there and that was great.  I had the best experience in every way with my trip, surgery and the service from Stunning Makeovers and this has continued weeks and weeks post surgery.

My surgeon was amazing.  He was a quiet sober man who showed me his work on his laptop when I had my consultation. I was amazed!!!  

He did not up-sell and in fact very much the opposite.  I wanted implants with my breast lift but he suggested a lift only as he was convinced he could make them look firm and round (unlike any pictures I had seen on the net by surgeons in the US, prior to my trip).  

He showed me other results he had had with other women and I was thrilled.  He showed me images and the procedure itself in a medical textbook.  My surgery was going to be very long as I was having a lot done.  

I was worried as to whether he could understand me but he understood everything even though he was quiet.  There was something I wanted done and said just in passing and yet he had heard this and did it.  

…… I saved money and I didn’t have implants, as I wasn’t too sure about how I would feel having them.  And if I do want them someday I can always go back and do so as the cost is so good.  

He would visit each day and would not say much but only that which was necessary.  He would offer me some advice on different things and then be back the next day.  

I have remained in touch with the nurse I had in Thailand. In the ward I was on they have a lot of Filipino nurses who speak perfect English.  They were there in a flash to help me.  

Like I have mentioned I have trained as a nurse and have been in hospital in NZ and they treated me how I would treat patients – incredibly well and with total respect and care. 

They were not like nurses I have personally experienced in NZ where I would fear to ring the bell as they would be too busy and would be in tears due to the stress this would in turn cause me.  

The Thailand nurses would answer my bell immediately. They were more than willing to help and went beyond the call of duty.  My regular nurse even ran home to her apartment in her lunch break to get me something I needed that I didn’t have with me at the hospital and required. 

The International Support staff were so warm and helpful and I did have a hiccup with my bank back home and accessing my money and they helped me sort this out with the hospital – with such kindness and care.  

I just want to mention also that I took my laptop and the Internet at the hospital was cheap and very good.  It was wireless so I could sit in my bed and converse on Skype or on Facebook or by email with my family and friends – even my new kitten.  

We had also bought DVD’s at MBK mall the day before my surgery and so my daughter and I were able to watch on my laptop, hours and hours of Grays Anatomy and movies that were on at theatres back in NZ – top quality too.  

When my Internet would run out I would simply ring the bell and within a very few minutes it was back on.  

The hospital had a fantastic pharmacy and so I was able to buy some things I needed very easily and cheaper than back home.  The hotel also has two pharmacies downstairs so I bought dressings from there also.  The hospital did give me instructions and a lot of medications to take with me.

My room at the hospital was large and well stocked with soft drinks and water, a roomy bathroom and basic supplies including slippers.  I had a fantastic view over the river and it was much like a hotel room.  I had complete privacy but the nurses would chat to me if I wanted that.  

I lived on McDonalds McFlurries and these would be ordered for me by the staff and then delivered to my bedside – I was thrilled.  I also bought some NZ cheese and crackers from a supermarket at the hotel to take with me, as I didn’t think I would be up to eating much.  However the food was good and the room service food was delicious.

I felt well cared for and the week I was in hospital flew by. I really needed that time and care and felt sad leaving.  

My daughter also wants breast implants and we are more than happy for her to do so and especially as I and she knows what to expect. 

I see cosmetic surgery as no different from changing my hair color or style, to having artificial nails or wearing make up and to have it done in a place that is not focused on vanity but more about improvement or enhancement made me feel completely comfortable doing so unlike in NZ where there is a certain stigma and perception that goes with it.  

When going to the surgeon in NZ for a consultation the staff were all dolled up with every bit of cosmetic surgery flashing off them like a neon sign – they were mutton dressed as lamb and very glamorous. This made me feel uncomfortable and like I didn’t belong.  

I was not out to look like a Playboy Mansion bunny but just to feel like a beautiful woman without the damage caused to my body through pregnancy of 5 children. 

The experience in Thailand made it feel very natural and down to earth much like going to the dentist or for a haircut – not like I was about to join some elite group off some American Reality TV show. 

It is difficult for me to describe what I mean but I feel that I want to mention that.  

The recovery is a long process and yes it does hurt and a lot of rest is needed and that would be one of the main reasons I would go to Thailand and through Stunning Makeovers again.

I was concerned prior to leaving for Thailand that I was going to be over there for so long when I had so much work to do back home.  I had had a consultation with a very reputable surgeon here in Remuera, Auckland and he had told me I could go back to work a few days later as I work at a computer.  

There is absolutely no way this could have happened due to the pain and the rest that my body required.  To have a week in hospital with a number of people looking after me was just what I needed.  

In NZ I would have been in hospital for one night and sent home the next day with no care.  My partner has his own business and could not have taken care of me.  

My teenage daughter came to Thailand with me and she stayed at the hospital with me also.  She too enjoyed it as she made friends with the nurses and was able to get McDonalds delivered as well as room service (at the hospital) and it was just lovely.  

My daughter also spent a night back at the hotel and I felt totally comfortable with this as it was safe and we were able to call for the driver Paul McGowan uses and for a small cost he picked her up and then dropped her back the next day.  

The staff at the hotel was wonderful to her and through Paul we had met some Kiwis there who also kept an eye out for her.  

Post surgery, a week after and back at the hotel we were able to order room service and go for foot massages, again for such a small cost and just what I needed.  

I also had a massage in the hotel spa the night before surgery and this was total bliss – it took away all my tension, flight stress and anxiety about the next day.  

These are all things I could not have had at my disposal had I been at home.  

We were also able to arrange for Stunning Makeovers driver, Mr T to take us out and about to look at the temples without any stress or hindrance to the way I was feeling.  

With saying this I was able to catch the Sky Train (so close to the hotel) and go out shopping in the air-conditioned malls.  I found that if I drank plenty of water, got lots of sleep and took my pain medication, I was fine and able to do more than I had expected.  

The highlight for me was asking Mr T, your driver to arrange for my daughter and I a dinner at the Vertigo Restaurant – he booked it and drove us there.  

This was total indulgence and luxury and fine dining at its best.  On a rooftop on one of the highest buildings in Bangkok.  I was wearing a dress I had bought months prior but could not fit and new shoes I had bought in Thailand with jewellery and handbag also oh and new make up (all so cheap). 

We were chauffer driven by Mr T and felt like an absolute celebrity.  While sitting up there I had tears in my eyes with disbelief at how wonderful it had all been and where I was at that moment.  

I felt like a new person who literally had the world at her feet – a new beginning.  And to share this with my daughter was the cherry on the top.  

The next day we flew home and my daughter and I were very somber, as we did not want to leave.  I usually get very homesick and miss my fiancé but the time had flown and it was a time that was nothing but truly positive. 

We had bonded with the people and city of Bangkok.  I felt a very real connection, as it was the place that had helped me become this new person…….  

All the people I dealt with including Stunning Makeovers are very real and down to earth.

There is so much I would like to say but all I can really do is summarise with that it was an incredibly positive experience …….. I had time to focus on me and assess other areas of my life and what I want out of my life.  

I got to experience another country and culture, not just the surgery side of it.  I got to experience things that I can’t afford back home.

I was well looked after and felt very special.  Any concerns and worries were swiftly dealt with and I was always given open and honest advice and opinions.  

Everything has turned out EXACTLY how I was told – I was not given any false promises and in fact it has all turned out better than I thought.

I can’t think of any areas of improvement but I will be in touch if I think of any.

I would highly recommend Stunning Makeovers and have done so already.  I will be using them again and am already beginning to plan my return trip.  

Joy T from Sydney, Australia

My decision to go with Stunning Makeovers was easy. Paul was so easy to talk to and he understood the decision to have surgery overseas is such a scary one. His knowledge on the surgery procedures they offer was excellent and I felt completely safe and confident I was making the right decision.

I am completely satisfied with the service provided by Paul and Stunning Makeovers. I had my surgery mid May when the Bangkok riots were happening, Paul kept me updated on a daily basis with the situation up there and I came very close to rescheduling my surgery due to the fighting. Paul at Stunning Makeovers had no problem with this and in fact he offered to send me to Phuket instead for the surgery, this was greatly appreciated, thankfully the situation in Bangkok ended and off I went to Bangkok for my operations.

From the initial phone call to Stunning Makeovers to making all of the arrangements for my surgery Paul made the whole process so easy, I highly recommend using Stunning Makeovers.

I had an appointment with my surgeon on arrival at the hospital. My consultation with him revealed I needed to be referred to another surgeon as I needed to have Body Lift surgery due to some previous surgery I had and the scarring prevented me from doing the original surgery I had wanted.

This was not an issue as the Doctors want you to get the best outcome from the surgery they are doing. I can honestly say my experience with the surgeons was fantastic, I was greeted me with a smile which put me at ease straight away. 

As I hadn't even considered a Body Lift prior to this the doctor explained the surgery to me and what results I could expect. He was very honest and was confident we would get a excellent result. We worked out a plan for my surgery he drew a lot of lines on my lower body and then he assured me all would be ok. Fantastic man.

I can assure you the nursing staff is very professional and proficient. They are so lovely and nothing is a problem to them at all. Joanna the International Coordinator and her team were fantastic also, they popped in on a regular basis to check on me and to make sure all was going well. They were lovely and nothing was a problem to them also. Very professional at all times.

The service was excellent at all levels, from arrival to discharge, they are very professional and friendly in all departments.

The hospital is very clean and facilities are equally as good as hospitals in Australia if not better. Absolutely I would not hesitate to go back for further surgery, I will be returning for further procedures in the near future.

I would highly recommend Stunning Makeovers. I have had such a positive experience with Stunning Makeovers I will be recommending them to everyone.

You exceeded all of my expectations. Thank You

I have to mention the service we received at the Ambassador Hotel. From the time of arrival which was at 02:00am in the morning we had exceptional service. The hotel staff went over and beyond our expectations. 

The Customer Service Manager Mr Kangpanich made sure we were comfortable and he made himself and his staff available to us at all times. The room service staff were lovely. We were there for 18 days so when it was time to come home we were quite sad to go. The staff in the Buffet greeted us with a smile every day for breakfast and nothing was to much trouble, fantastic service and staff a true asset to the Ambassador Hotel. 

A wonderful experience. I also have to mention the service provided by Mr T your driver and his staff. They took such wonderful care of myself and my mum who used his service every day. His professional service and kindness was greatly appreciated. Exceptional service. We look forward to seeing all of the staff again hopefully in the near future.

Sue B from Sydney, Australia

We chose Stunning Makeovers because they returned the information and emails quicker than others and seemed to know exactly what we wanted and answered all our questions no matter how stupid they sounded.

They made us feel very comfortable with the idea of surgery overseas. I am absolutely satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service and could not speak more highly of them.

Everything when like clockwork and we didn’t have to worry about a single thing. All our transport was on time, the hospital was professional, clean and better than those in Australia.

The staff at the hospital were fantastic and always kept an eye on Sue to make sure she was comfortable. Our contact at the hospital was great and always greeted us with a smile. People need to know how professional these people are as it is well worth the trip.

The Surgeon was great. He was professional but kept Sue calm by joking a little. He made the correct decisions before and during surgery and the result was fantastic and even our local Doctor in Australia said it was an A grade job.

The nursing staff were fantastic people, always smiling…….they knew what we wanted and always asked if there was anything they could do for us.

The service can’t be faulted. As I said, everything was on time, the people were polite and we were well looked after throughout the whole process.

The facilities were second to none. They were extremely clean and there were so many people looking after us. When they sent Sue for X-ray’s we weren’t sitting around for hours instead it was all instantaneous.

We will absolutely return for more surgery and thinking of doing so in 2 years. We are going to plan another trip to take care of a few more dentals issues and perhaps a new tattoo!

We would absolutely recommend Stunning Makeovers and already have. We have a couple of friends that are getting very excited about the prospect and I said I would help them through the process as they are planning the same operations as Sue.

Keep up the great work Paul, Sue could not be happier and I’m smiling again with my new teeth.

Kelly B from Auckland New Zealand

Stunning Makeovers was referred to me by a friend who had been over to Thailand and had surgery.

Excellent service. They arranged everything, from before we left, to when we got over there and return back. Their service was of a very high standard and I would definitely use them again in the future and would be happy to refer people to them.

I would just like to thank Paul for everything he has done for me and my family. I wasn’t sure before we left, but he kept in touch with us the whole time to make sure everything was going ok.

I came out of surgery and there waiting for me was a message from PAUL making sure everything went ok. I would recommend this service over our New Zealand service any time. Very professional!The hospital and the people were outstanding. The facilities were very excellent and clean and my surgeon was very professional. They took care of me and my family.

The surgeon was excellent. He related well to me and my husband and he was straight up about everything. It wasn’t about the money, but what I needed to have done. I also would like to thank him and his team. They did a fantastic job and I am very happy.

Nurses and support team were very caring and supportive of my needs. They made me feel safe and comfortable. Their rooms were of a very high standard! The service was great! They ran around after us the whole time. From airports to hospital, to checks, and home again. Thank you!

The hospital run a very high level of professionalism and make you feel safe and supported.

I would like to thank them and my surgeon for all their support and help.

It was a great experience for me and my family and I would return for more surgery. I would definitely recommend Stunning Makeovers, they provide a great service, great people to do business with and happy with everything you did for us.

Thank you Paul and the doctor very much. Also the hotel that we stay in was also excellent and I would stay there again with me and my family. My son had a ball. The people were very lovely and always happy to help you.

Thank you for your prompt, professional service. Most impressed.

Jade G from Western Australia

Stunning Makeovers was very good with follow up. The surgeon was great and listened to what I said with understanding. He was very friendly and put me at ease.

Suzanne P from Queensland Australia

The surgeon was a very good guy who knows what he is doing. The coordination staff were very good and friendly.

AW from Sydney, Australia

Well what can I say? What an experience it has been.

I am more than happy to provide you feedback and if there is anything I have left out please let me know.

From the moment we landed at Phuket and grabbed our luggage our transport was waiting for us and was given a folder with our itinerary and surgery information which i thought was very professional.

He took us straight to the resort. What a  lovely place the resort was. We were greeted by warm friendly staff that were more than helpful with our bags and gave us cool towels to cool off.

We were taken to our room and was quite impressed with the resort, very clean and all had aircon in the room. We decided to upgrade again as we were upstairs and thought climbing the stairs after surgery might be a little difficult. It was absolutely lovely when I returned staff had moved all our belongings and luggage for us.

On the day of surgery I was very nervous as to what was about to happen. I saw Dr. Rushapol who was such a lovely doctor and we went through the consultation drawings and markings.  He told me his day was dedicated to me. I was very impressed with my breast consultation. He went through different sizes and made decision together as to what was best. 

They took me to my room and I was very impressed with the room and the facility, I have worked in many hospitals here back home in Australia and can say the standard was the same, if not better than some hospitals here.  The nursing staff were absolutely gorgeous and I was so impressed with their uniforms and standard of care.

I was told at all times what they were doing to me, and they prepped me for surgery. I was waiting in my room ready to go. I remember being wheeled downstairs and Dr. Rushapol coming in, asking if I was ready to go. Before I knew it, I was back in my room, 13 hrs later with plaster on my nose and wrappings around my chest.  

The nursing staff were amazing, every time I buzzed they were there within 5 minutes giving me more pain relief and medicine for nausea. the first 2 days were tough which is to be expected but every day got better, Dr. Rushapol visited me every day and told me what he had did, and said my nose was pretty damaged and totally had to reconstruct my entire nose.

I spent all up four days in hospital and I never felt rushed to leave hospital at any time, I could have stayed 1 more night but he was happy with the fact that I had Sue with me, with some nursing background.  

On leaving they supplied me with all the medication I needed including, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and swelling, pain relief, vitamins and minerals. They covered everything and I was just so impressed.

Once back at the resort they were wonderful and said just to ask if there was anything I needed.  I just stayed in bed or by the pool for the first week trying to recover as my face and eyes were swollen black and blue with plaster and plugs up my nose.  All the follow up visits were great and finally had the plaster removed after about 10 days, wow, I was wrapped and couldn’t believe how much better I could breathe.

My nose still quite swollen but understand it will take few months for swelling to come down. On my last consultation, I ….. gave Dr. Rushapol a big cuddle and thanked him so much and told him I be back next year.

I chose Stunning Makeovers as right from the start I found opening your website informative and professional. Once I contacted you I found the service and you personally Paul (you have a lovely warming comforting voice over the phone) to be quick and honest with all your correspondence and I thought it was great how you called me and kept in contact with me throughout the whole process.

I thought it was wonderful how all the appointments and transport was arranged and at no time had any trouble with it and it was always on time. I am extremely happy with Stunning Makeovers and was giving out your name and website to people that were interested in surgery. I’ve told them how professional everything was and awesome the hospital staff and facilities were at Phuket International Hospital

I would definitely recommend Stunning Makeovers to anyone and that impressed I would be happy to become an ambassador for Stunning Makeovers.

I would definitely have surgery again, and will be organising another trip next year WITH YOU as they could not do my teeth because I had surgery to my face so I will organise another trip for my teeth. I will also be bringing a few friends for surgery including my daughter.

I went to the doctor back here at home for a check up and to give them all the information as to what medication I was on and what surgery had been preformed on me for my medical history.

My doctor was very impressed with the nose and breast,she checked my stitches 70 around each nipple and was very impressed with his needle work. No sign of infection and healing just lovely but put me on some more anti-swelling as still quite swollen.

Well Paul, I don’t know what else to say but what an experience it was, I THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for making my dreams come true and for all your support and help. You have been fantastic and would love to meet you in person one day to say thank you, no more sinus problems yipeee!  

I going back to work this afternoon, on light duties so should be ok. I will just take it easy over the next few weeks,. 

Thank you again and if there is any other comments u need from me, please feel free to ask, also happy to chat with other people about my experience.

My kindest and warmest regards 

Rebecca W from Brisbane, Australia

I choose Stunning Makeovers because a friend recommended them.

I am very happy with Stunning Makeovers service and the doctor was fantastic.

I will recommend Stunning Makeovers to other and thank you for all of your help and follow up

Sue C from Sydney, Australia

I used Stunning Makeovers because my friend did a lot of research in regards to agents etc and she found that Stunning makeovers was the best.

Originally I was not having any surgery done so I left all the research to my friend who was having several procedures done, but after my conversations with Paul McGowan I became more and more impressed with how Paul communicated with us and I decided that I would make enquiries in regards to minor surgery for myself.  

I found that from start to finish Stunning Makeovers was first class e.g. returning all phone calls; nothing was too much trouble for Paul, the choice of Doctors and their history, and the complete organisation of our trip. 

I have travelled extensively so I knew what to expect when I arrived in Thailand, but for someone like my fiend who had never been outside the country, Paul’s travel pack was so complete that someone who had never travelled just couldn’t go wrong. It was filled with every bit of information that you would require down to how to tip someone and how much.  Well done Paul.

During our stay in Thailand Paul would ring us on a regular basis just to check on us and see if everything was OK.  This service has continued since we have come home with Paul checking on our recovery and if we should have any problems.

Yes I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers they are extremely professional and caring, so much so that my friend has decided to become and ambassador for the company.  I cannot praise Stunning Makeovers enough. 

I know that there is a lot of controversy in regards to surgery overseas and the failures that occur even my own doctor was against me going ahead with the surgery, so I decided  that I would not make my decision until I got to check out the doctor , the hospital etc.  And I must say that from beginning to end I felt very safe.  But I would only recommend the process which we undertook, starting from Stunning Makeovers right thru to Phuket International Hospital.

My Doctor was very professional and extremely honest as far as the surgery results. I appreciated his honesty   My history is that I am a 55years old and have had a great number of surgical procedures for ill health over the years and unfortunately I was left with dog ears which is scare tissue on the hips so you look like you have two big humps on your hips not a good look. 

After speaking to Dr Veerawat he assured me that he could get rid of them and not leave me with an extra problem. Dr Veerawat also made it quite clear that I would not have 100% results. He said that my age and that I was a smoker played a huge part with my surgery. Dr Veerawat only guaranteed me 85% result. I’m not sure who needs glasses Dr Veerawat or myself but I look at myself and only see 100% result.       

I am a nurse myself and I must say that the nurses and all the support staff from the office right down to the catering staff were great They actually put a lot of our hospital staff to shame. 

Phuket International Hospital was one of the cleanest hospitals that I have ever attended. Very professional would highly recommend this hospital.

I have no hesitation in returning for more surgery but only going through the channels that I went through – Stunning Makeovers.

Would I most definitely recommend Stunning Makeovers and I already have and will continue to do so.

Paul I would have loved to have met you in person while we were both in Thailand but I do understand that you commitments would not allow that at that time.

Sue C from Sydney Australia

Hi Paul 

Just a short note to say many thanks for everything you did to make this trip run so smoothly, I was extremely apprehensive at the beginning and as everything unfolded step by step I came to realise how much work you do to ensure that all is a great success. I can’t sing your praises enough.  

……my only wish is that I did it years earlier. I will be writing to h Dr Veerawat personally to thank him. Keep up the good work Paul and if anyone has any queries please do not hesitate in giving them my phone number.

Sorry It has taken so long for me to respond to your email.  Take care and drop me a line sometime, would love to hear from you.

Nikki C from Christchurch, New Zealand

I was totally impressed with the hospital and how smoothly all the pre-op tests went.  New Zealand hospitals could learn a lot!

Many thanks for everything you have done to get this adventure happening.

Now I think I can hear MBK calling to me...

Judy G from

I chose Stunning Makeovers because I'd seen a piece on the TV about you and I liked what I saw on your web site. 

The surgeon, with my face and neck lift, did a wonderful job. He was very professional.The nurses were very efficient and courteous. The other liaison-type staff were great and explained everything fully to me after surgery. I could not find fault with any of the staff. The service was fabulous and the facilities very nice.

I would return for more surgery without hesitation especially now that I know what to expect and I would gladly recommend Yanhee to anyone. 

I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service as we gave you a very short time to organize things for the two of us and it all came together smoothly. Paul couldn't have been more helpful no matter the time of day. 

Madeline C from

I chose Stunning Makeovers because the price was good and they were quick to respond. I emailed a few other companies but Stunning Makeovers came across as more organized and professional.

All the staff at Yanhee were wonderful and really helpful. I had no trouble with communicating. In addition, the service as well as the nursing and support staff were great. Facilities were good as my hotel room was a perfect size and everything I needed was close by. 

I would return for more surgery/dental treatment. I would recommend Stunning Makeovers to others as they have some of the best surgeons in the world. Everything ran smoothly and the treatment was fantastic with great results.

I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers services. 

Rita F from

I was impressed with the video I watched of you being interviewed by a television program hence choosing Stunning Makeovers.

The surgeon is very caring, listened to my concerns and was able to explain to me exactly what he could achieve for me. Nurses were very kind and gentle. They attended my every need and looked after me exceptionally well. The service is faultless; I can’t think of anything that I was not happy with. Furthermore, the hotel was great. The location was fantastic and we were able to get around the city easily by the BTS.  The hospital was very organized and the services provided even before surgery were unbelievable.

I was so impressed with how everything ran so smoothly beginning with the airport pickup, the transfers to the hospital, the interview with the surgeon, the care and attention from the nursing staff and everyone at the hospital.

I would return for more surgery/dental treatment as I am considering more dental work and maybe liposuction in the future.

I definitely would recommend Stunning Makeovers to others. The service provided was as promised, there were no hidden costs and the facilities chosen were great. 

I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeover’s services. Thank you again for making my dream come true. My results have been outstanding.  I am very pleased with the results and have had many compliments. 

Nicola J from New Zealand

Wanting to have a contact person from New Zealand and who spoke good English, this was important to me, my first call with Paul was so professional. In a short conversation I felt so comfortable to talk with Paul about the surgery I wanted. Paul was amazing and very caring, had all the answers to all my questions, I never felt like I was annoying him with my questions, because I had a lot especially when you are going to another country you want to know you are going to be safe and looked after well.

The surgeon was very professional and caring, had a great sense of humor and spoke very good English and kept on checking me. Yanhee Hospital was great. All the staff was responsible and spoke clear good English.

The Nursing and Support staff were amazing and I was so well looked after. They really know what they are doing. The service was so professional and constantly had smiles. 110% satisfied with all their services. The facilities were very good; our room at the hospital was very comfortable and I was in there for three nights. We were both happy as the nurses changed our bed every day.

I am 110% satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service. I’m very happy and can't believe how great I feel already. Paul is very professional in every way, so glad I found Stunning Makeovers; I only have great things to say.

I will being recommending anybody to go direct through Paul, everything that was in my package and itinerary was prefect, you couldn't fault any of the information given, he knows what he is talking about. My husband and I were totally blown away, with the way I have been treated and looked after, very successful surgery and holiday at the same time.

I can't thank you enough and so glad I found you!! You have helped me better my life in every single way, you are very professional and everything you recommended was right! Thank you Paul, truly for everything, our first time away from our kids and we not only had a blast in Bangkok but had a blast with each other.

Thanks for everything!

Judith M and Margaret L from New Zealand

The nurses were lovely, surgeons were excellent and hospital facilities were great. I would recommend Stunning Makeovers, very happy with your organization.

Olivea B from Tauranga, New Zealand

I will tell you now that the whole trip exceeded our expectations!!! We had an awesome holiday and surgery was amazing, loving the results.

My husband especially (he was a bit sceptical of the whole going to Thailandfor surgery thing!) was totally impressed. We felt completely safe and at ease with everything. Basically, I didn’t feel nervous or scared at all.

The hospital experience was again amazing, it was like a 5 star hotel, all staff including the surgeon were super friendly. The resort was fantastic also! I have nothing bad to say about any of it....

I have already recommended ALL my friends to go through Stunning Makeovers. I will definitely be going back.

Shelley C from

Everything at Thailand ran like clockwork. The hospital was great, service excellent and the surgeon is now my newest Best Friend!

Thank you for a stress free enjoyable trip. The hospital was great, service was excellent.

Susan C from

The doctors were fantastic and very professional. The nursing and support staff, service along with the facilities 100%. Could not ever get that service here in Australia and I would know because I work in a hospital.

Everything was organised for me and went according to plan. No stress!

Definitely return for more surgery/dental treatment and I would highly recommend Stunning Makeovers as I have talked to other patients in Thailand that went through other companies which do not compare to Stunning Makeovers with such efficiency.

No company runs 100% service, but on this occasion I would say your company did! Just want to say thank you Paul for all your help and great service.


Caroline K from Melbourne, Australia

People that don’t know about the surgery are saying to me, you are looking fantastic the rest has really paid off. I can’t help but laugh.  People that know have asked for your details.

Recommendations are the best advertising.

Sheree R from Melbourne, Australia

The surgeon in charge of my surgery is second to none, and the hospital is top class in terms of care and cleanliness. I have found the staff to be warm, respectful and caring - there is something about the medical care you receive here that enables you to keep your dignity.

My husband and I are extremely happy with the medical arrangements we have received - and plan to definitely use the same surgeon in the near future for other treatments as necessary.

Joe R from Rotorua, New Zealand

The doctor was great, confident and had a good sense of humor.

So happy how everything turned out, service with a smile! 

Nisshia C from Queensland, Australia

I have had the most amazing experience, everything lived up to and exceeded my expectations. The staff, the hospital and the holiday was wonderful!

Thank you so much for helping me with all the arrangements! 

Rita F from

Surgery went extremely well and I am ecstatic with the results. Everything you organisedwent without a hitch. The hospital was great, the surgeon was fantastic and all the nurses who looked after me were so kind and beautiful.

I am very impressed with how everything was organised and I would definitely recommend your services. So thank you again for making my dream come true. 

Chantelle O from

Everything was great, my recovery was surprisingly quick and barely painful at all. Sean loves his new teeth! 

Also you were a lot of help Paul and the last email with the address times of appointments and everything made stuff so much easier. Thank you so much for your help.

I have recommended you to my sister-in-law looking to have surgery next year. Maybe we will go together.

Tracy C from New Zealand

The surgeon was fantastic and the hospital staff were amazing. Like clock-work, they knew exactly what was going on and guided us everywhere with ease. Hospital service was excellent. Same goes with the facilities; excellent, clean, organized and very well looked after.

I will recommend Stunning Makeovers to others. 

I would like to say thank you very much Paul for your service and helping us achieve a successful trip. Really appreciate it greatly.

Brenda R from Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Paul,  everything went perfectly with my surgery, hotel and travel arrangements, they all fell into place beautifully so thank you and all your team very very much.

I was very pleased too with all the nursing staff and coordinators and doctors. I had a lovely time at the Hotel and having the shops and trains at my fingers tips just topped it all off. I felt relaxed safe and confident in my surroundings. 

Many thanks, I have no hesitation  in recommending your company to anyone thinking of heading to Thailand for surgery. 

I chose Stunning Makeovers because I liked the idea of not having the stress of organising everything myself and going with a reputable organisation made me feel more confident.

I am very, very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service. Everything ran perfectly smoothly  - hotel, transport and flights.

At the hospital, I was very well supervised after my surgery and felt safe. My surgeon spoke excellent English as did most of the immediate staff. He had good references and had done many ops like mine.

Nursing and Support staff were all great, helpful and cheerful and would go out of their way to assist as much as possible.

The service was excellent, a top job and the facilities were all lovely, modern and clean.

I would you return for more surgery and am now considering dental treatment for next year.I would recommend Stunning Makeovers to others unreservedly, no hesitation.


Claudia G. from Auckland

Correction Breast Augmentation and Capsulectomy

The operation went well the surgeon was lovely, made us both feel relaxed and in good hands. Everyone has been wonderful, looking forward to the results.

Justeen from Hamilton, New Zealand


Comments during Post Surgery Recovery Period – in Thailand
When I started this journey there was a lot of apprehension and a little fear....  What was I worried about?

It has been a great experience, I went for my follow up yesterday and although it wasn't pretty I can see that time will heal and I am happy with the results and so is my surgeon. 

I have been to the dentist and wow great service and care again and the cost (unbelievable).  I have another visit Saturday for whitening and Sunday for my last.  I also have another follow up at the hospital on before I leave for home.  

Evelyn has been great we have been hanging out for the last week and she has been showing me the ropes so next week when I am here on my own I fell quiet comfortable to walk around, catch the train etc...  

Just recently caught up with Bonnie and Ross and went to dinner on the dinner cruise last night which was a lovely night out and before they leave Sunday we going to the night markets Saturday night.   

Comments after Recovery Period
To be honest it was a 2 year journey, once I was told I could not have any more children I wanted to do this trip.  I researched options in NZ and just knew I could not afford the surgery and had been on the waiting list for breast reduction since I was young in my 20's and I am now in my 40's.  

I was never medically in enough pain or complained enough and kept being moved down the list even though I was a Double H.  

I had a look at 4 companies and had asked around ... found your website and read the personal reviews, I wanted reviews written from people in NZ, recent experiences with the company etc...   Liked the comments.  The other factor was the price, very reasonable.  

I have to say the communication through email was very good and I liked the quick reply's and information provided regarding my concerns.  I had been in contact with other agencies at the beginning of this journey and found the communication with Stunning Makeovers was one if not the most efficient of them all.  I always felt heard and there was never a question to much ...especially as I was travelling on my own.  

I have to say I was scared when I got there, being on my own and questioning myself.   I have to say getting there late afternoon and having the consultation the next morning helped me just get on with it.

When I met the surgeon he made me very comfortable and it helped with having his 2 nurses in the room with their knowledge of the English language.

He had a very nice disposition and have to be honest taking off my clothes was confronting.  They made me feel very comfortable and usually I don't like the medical approach but in this situation it helped,  he was interested in the surgery, how he could improve my health and well being

....  Provided examples and pictures of what my breasts are like what he could do,  honest about the outcome, suitable size to go down, the shape and got on with it.     

Through the time at the hospital and post care he was very attentive and caring.  The staff / nurses had very good things to say about him.    

I cannot say enough about the nursing and support staff. Beautiful people, they could not do enough for me,  the respect, the care and support given was more than I expected.

The care was what helped me through from the room service, cleaners, reception , hospital staff and driver excellent.....   Beautiful experience, made me feel safe and looked after....  

The hotel was central and in walking distance of everything I required.....the  room was great, comfortable bed, great service internally and cleaners where lovely.  

The facilities inside the room excellent and well stocked.  Even travelled on the train a few times...

I would recommend Stunning Makeovers to others and I have told a few people whether they take it up,  is another question.....  

I felt safe and looked after, travelling on my own, going through major surgery on my own I was able to inform others that I only felt that way because I knew if anything happened that the Stunning Makeovers was on hand.  Great and thorough itinerary before I left too.  

Justeen, Hamilton, New Zealand 2016. Breast Reduction, Nipple Graft, Tummy Tuck. Dr Somsak, Yanhee Hospital. Stunning Makeovers.

Cheryl D from Adelaide, Australia

My eyelid surgery went well and so far happy with the results. I thought Dr Pongsatorn and his staff were amazing and would be happy to go ahead with surgery in the future if needed.

Hinewai D from Brisbane, Australia

Satisfaction out of 10 --- 11.. was an awesome experience! Thanks!

Courtney M from Northland, New Zealand


I found out about Stunning Makeovers through a friend and choose them to make my arrangements because they were first to reply back to me and sounded the best and cheaper than some.

Very impressed with the surgeon and he knew what he was doing, very happy with results. The nurses were lovely and were very friendly and smiley. The hospital was clean and spacious.

The hotel accommodation standard was 9/10 and very convenient for shopping, food and transport. The quality of food at the hotel was amazing! Especially room service dinner!

The hotel staff were very lovely and friendly people and very respectful.

Stunning Makeovers service was really good and I will possibly return for more treatment/surgery in the future.

Justine B from Auckland, New Zealand

I'm extremely satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service. Communication was excellent throughout the whole process and they made me feel like they genuinely cared.

The surgeon was excellent. He was professional and very helpful. The nursing and support staff - very amazing - very helpful and happy to answer any question and always came when called and very efficient.  Amazing service very quick and efficient.

I was blown away by the hospital and the service they provided it was very clean and modern.

I would you return for more surgery and recommend Stunning Makeovers to others. Stunning Makeovers were very easy to deal with and made the whole process and experience uncomplicated.

I was amazed with how everything went.

Ms H.D from Queensland, Australia


(Also had old implant removed)


Everything is marvelous.. doctors, nurses and hotel and hospital are just wonderful, my operation went really well. I am up and about with my breast drains out and today I may have my tummy ones out tomorrow.


I'm so glad I choose you guys and came to Bangkok there is no way I would have managed and organised a good healing process at home.


The staff here are so lovely and kind. I can't believe they send you home after the opt in Australia???


So pleased. I'm hoping to duck downstairs with a hospital staff member to get an Amazon coffee later today.


Many thanks to all.

Allan C. from Golden Beach, Australia
I am extremely happy with the results of surgery and plan to arrange more surgery/dental treatment with Stunning Makeovers.
I am extremely satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service and would definitely recommend Stunning Makeovers to others
My experience with the surgeon, nursing and support staff was excellent as were the facilities.  Everything was fantastic.
Minette V. from Tauranga, New Zealand
Thank you so much!
Thank you for organising everything for me. Was an amazing journey and would do it all over again! I’ll definitely refer Stunning Makeovers to anyone who wishes to go to Thailand for surgery.
I am very happy with my result. [of surgery]
I’m extremely happy with how I was treated [by Stunning Makeovers]. I was checked on throughout my journey. Communication skills were very good and if I ever had any worries, I knew they’d be there to help out. I have nothing that I was unhappy about.
I chose Stunning Makeovers as I was referred by a friend with nothing but good reviews. Also, because I didn’t know Thailand well and had no clue what the first step would even be for my surgical journey.
It is highly likely I will recommend Stunning Makeovers to others and I will most likely return for more treatment/surgery.
My surgeon was very gentle and answered any questions I had. I felt at ease and he knew what he was doing. The nursing and support staff were lovely. Good to have a laugh with and also very gentle with my recovery.
Mr T [Stunning Makeovers driver] was very reliable and always an hour earlier than expected. The drives were fine and the day I was released from hospital, he was very gentle over the bumps in the road.
The standard of Stunning Makeovers hotel was amazing! We had everything around us! After a week of surgery, I was able to walk not far from the hotel to get anything. The food at the hotel was amazing! and the staff at the hotel were absolutely amazing. Became friends with them and was very sad to leave them. They were the nicest and friendliest people!
Elizabeth D. from Brisbane, Australia
As someone who has never travelled to Asia, much less alone, I felt very well supported with Stunning Makeovers service. It was great. Regular check ins were appreciated. I chose Stunning Makeovers because the testimonials were good, the company appeared to be legitimate and well organised.
All the important stuff was in the travel pack. The attention to detail (such as common phrases, photos of money, how much to tip) was really helpful. I’m totally happy with the service and would definitely recommend Stunning Makeovers to anyone considering plastic surgery. It is still early days but the results of my surgery are looking great so far.
Dr Chokchai was thorough, professional and friendly and I felt very comfortable with him. I had to have a surgical revision for an area that hadn’t healed properly, and this was also a simple and well organised experience at no extra cost.
The nursing and support staff were terrific. As good, if not better, than having surgery in Australia. It was great having a private hospital room, and the nursing staff were exceptional.
Yanhee Hospital had all bases covered, right down to letters for the airline to make sure I got the support I needed (in the form of a wheelchair to boarding gate) and medical certificates, pain relief, advice in wound care, etc.
I had 3 visits to Bangkok Smile Clinic for cleaning, whitening and a filling. They were professional, friendly, helped with transport to hotel afterwards.Dental facilities were world class. Attention to detail, right down to having water on ice in the waiting area.
The hotel was great. Clean, great room service, friendly and helpful staff. The in-house movies were appreciated. The peace and quiet was great. I got a lot of work done while recovering from surgery.
The location was terrific for shopping, food and transport They took me to the shopping mall a couple of times, and were very helpful with organising taxis, etc.
Breakfasts were amazing at the hotel and kept me going throughout the day. Lots of variety and a really peaceful atmosphere. With fruit and snacks provided in room and the odd trip at 7-11, I only ordered in on one occasion.
I used the hotel spa twice for massages and they were exceptional. Being a lone female in a strange country, the hotel felt like a safe ‘home base’ and over the 16 days I got to know some of the staff which was nice. By the end of the trip I felt more confident about wandering further afield and staff couldn’t have been more helpful.
I will return for further dental treatment, probably a mid face and neck lift in future.
Julie S. from Melbourne, Australia
Stunning Makeovers had the best client reviews which was why I chose them to make my arrangements.Stunning Makeovers service was excellent and I had great communication with Ann & Paul .
The surgeon was good, nursing and support staff and facilities were excellent.
Martene and Ron from Australia
I am a repeat client of stunning Makeovers and always come back and recommend Stunning Makeovers.
Dr Udsan was the doctor for both my husband and myself and she has brilliant attention to detail, care and comfort of the patient The support staff  are very caring and go over the top to ensure all is okay
The facilities are first class. It's our 3rd time here.
We are very happy with the results of treatment.
Nhi L. from Melbourne, Australia
I choose Stunning Makeovers for my tummy tuck because the price was affordable. I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service. I will return for more surgery.
The surgeon was very friendly and understood what was needed. All the nursing and staff are very friendly and helpful. The hospital facilities were excellent.
I am very satisfied with the results of my surgery.
Stunning Makeovers hotel was in a convenient location for shopping, food and transportation.
Janene K. from Gold Coast, Australia
Day two now and all is well. Absolutely doing fine and everyone is lovely. 
Thanks to all your efforts to make this as comfortable as possible. 
Evina H. from Melbourne, Australia
I was very early at the hospital so was the first to see the doctor. He recommended for me to have a mid lift and neck lift only and recommended a forehead lift in a few years time.
The operation was at 11.30 and all went well. I have to say that it is a serious intervention, probably more intense than I expected and I am glad that my eyes weren't done as well :)
I looked pretty horrific afterwards, which was to be expected ha,ha…
Overall, I am very happy with the outcome and the surgeon. I thought that he was very careful and gentle.
I would certainly recommend this doctor and the hospital.
Pauline B. from Rangiora, New Zealand
Thanks for the gesture of the birthday cake that was a lovely thought 
My recovery is going very well and I’m just blown away by how well I’m doing.
I have hardly had any pain. Giving birth to my 3 boys was more painful than this Lol 
My follow up appointment went really well and the doctor is very happy with my healing. He took off 2 kilos of excess skin and I’m so happy that it’s finally gone Lol 
I’m so over the moon with my results they have turned out better than I expected Dr Thawatchai is magnificent.
I’m still taking this easy seeing some sights and resting. I have caught up with Julie (one of the other Stunning Makeover clients) and also had dinner with her last night. So it’s great to have someone else to talk about our experiences.
Everyone here at the hotel are amazing very friendly and helpful.
Thank you so much for making my long life dream come true and I will never forget the great experience that I have had on this journey of mine.
You and your staff, especially Ann are fabulous and I will be telling all my friends about this great journey and how well your company has helped in making my dreams come true.
I truly can’t thank you enough 
Pauline B. from Rangiora, New Zealand
I choose Stunning Makeovers because my friend highly recommended them.
I am extremely satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service. They were so professional and very helpful and would answer all my questions in a quick and efficient time. I have told a lot of my friends about Stunning Makeovers and how happy I have been going through them. I will most definitely return if I plan to have anymore surgeries
My scars are healing better each day. I am so overwhelmed at my results they are so much better than I could ever have expected and I’m very satisfied with Dr Thawatchai's work He’s magnificent and I would recommend him to anyone. My friends are so overwhelmed at my results also.
I would just like to thank Ann for all her help in making my dreams come true from day one till coming home she has been amazing and very supportive and nothing was a problem always there to answer my questions.
Thank you so much for making my dream to finally come true I still can’t believe it’s me.
Pauline B. from Rangiora, New Zealand
I’m so happy how well my recovery has been and starting to feel normal again now.
Thanks so much for your wonderful help before and even after surgery it’s been reassuring that you are there to help us for when we are home again.
I have had so many great compliments since returning home from Bangkok 
I will be recommending Stunning Makeovers to everyone.
Malcolm O. from Melbourne, Australia
I chose Stunning Makeovers because they did not want surgeons fees up front. I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service and highly recommend Stunning Makeovers
I was impressed with the hospital facilities and everything was positive with my experience with the surgeon.  The nursing and support staff at the hospital were very helpful, especially co ordinator
At this stage I am very happy with the results of surgery. 
Julie R. from Auckland, New Zealand
Recovering really well, so happy how everything has gone.  Love it here at the hotel, everyone is so friendly and nice. 
Really enjoying the others company, they are fantastic people.
The cruise last was a real winner, fantastic, worth every cent.
Don’t want to  go home, enjoying every minute.
Thanks again for your wonderful service and attention to detail and also for caring so much. I’m very happy with all of my procedures.
Suzanne M. from Byron Bay, Australia
Stunning Makeovers were very easy and helpful to deal with. I researched and found them to be the most thorough with everything.I am very Stunning Makeovers service
Paul was wonderful and made himself available at all times. No question was too much. I appreciated their understanding and concern.
My surgeon was very pleasant although did not spend much time with him really. The nursing and support staff at the hospital were wonderful & responsive and the facilities were of a very high class.
The accommodation Stunning Makeovers arranged was very nice, with in easy walking distance to everything and the hotel staff all lovely, helpful and friendly. I didn’t eat an evening meal at the hotel but breakfasts were really nice and varied.
Gina B. from Auckland, New Zealand
I chose Stunning Makeovers due to the personal care and detail when dealing with them, instant and accurate response regarding any questions..exceptionally professional 
The surgeon, nursing and support staff and hospital facilities were excellent and the transfers was a top service.
I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers and I was very happy with all aspects of service when dealing with this company. I have already recommended Stunning Makeovers to others.
Claire N. from Auckland, New Zealand

Dr Vitawat is a lovely doctor. He is honestly fantastic. 

Melissa S. from Melbourne, Australia
I chose Stunning Makeovers initially because of transparent costings, testimonials, before and afters. Followed through because of ease of communication, the all inclusive arrangements and options and feedback from various surgeons.
I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service. From start to finish they were very caring, genuine and had me at ease from start to finish. I cant see any areas where they personally could improve. They encouraged me to seek assistance at any point necessary which i did on occasion, they followed up quickly and put me at ease.
I am very likely to recommend Stunning Makeovers to others. I could not fault them.
I possibly would return for more treatment/surgery if I felt i needed it, i definitly wouldn't hesitate to use stunning makeovers again.
My surgeon could have been a little more reassuring and educated me more on the fact a breast augmentation will not look so appealing initially, and offered reassurance or stated she was happy with results in early stages.
Bebe and Jane (nursing and support staff) were beautiful. Other nurses were fine, no issues but Bebe and Jane made me comfortable, were very caring and pain managed better by them
The hospital facilities were amazing. Like a hotel. Clean, organised, well facilitated.
I couldn't think of any areas the hospital can improve their service They took extra precautions where necessary, extra tests required which showed they were responsible in their duty of care to me.
I am very satisfied with the results of my tummy tuck, healing very well. The breast augmentation will take time. They look rather distorted at this point, tight stitching in lower pockets looks indented and as per expectations, breasts haven't dropped as yet. Will continue to massage this tightness, hoping it releases and allows implants to drop into position. I understand if it doesn't, I can have this corrected down the track.
The vehicle and driver for the transfers was amazing. So easy, so well coordinated between hospital and hotel. Vehicle was comfy, enjoyed the ride. Lol
I was 100% satisfied with the standard of hotel accommodation. The staff were lovely, from reception, to Restaurant to cleaning staff. Room kept clean, offered in room breakfast for a longer period, always greeted with a smile and very nice hotel overall The quality of food at the hotel was fantastic.
Danielle A. from Dunedin, New Zealand
I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service
They got back to me quickly, answered all my questions and weren't pushy and gave me time to make my own decisions
I have already been recommend Stunning Makeovers to others and i will return for more surgery/treatment in the future.
I found my experience with Stunning Makeovers to be very quick and friendly but not over the top like I can see others would be.
My surgeon was very professional, particular, and empathetic. The best experience I could possibly ask for.  I am very satisfied with the results of surgery at this stage.
The hospital had wonderful professional and friendly nursing staff. The hospital facilities were fantastically  clean and well presented facilities.
The transfers to the hospital from the resort were all fantastic, on time if not early.
The resort Stunning Makeovers arranged was of a good standard, good facilities and great being right on the beach. I wanted somewhere quiet away from the hustle and bustle so it suited me well.
The resort had amazing staff. Tan in particular was fantastic and made my day with her cheerfulness and willingness to be there and to serve me.  
Penelope M. from Wellington, New Zealand
I choose Stunning Makeovers because of the excellent reviews and I am very satisfied 
My surgeon, Dr Veerawat, was excellent. He's compassionate, has a sense of humour, and is fascinated by his patients and what he can do for them! He will tell you (as he did me) if a procedure you want is not suitable for you in some way.  
The outpatient staff were lovely and I have nothing but praise for their attitude and care. 
Yolanda C. from Byron Bay, Australia

I saw Dr Somsak yesterday and had the cast and stitches off and I’m really pleased with the results already!

Maryanne U. from Adelaide, Australia
At the moment I'm happy with my results. I won't be able to say about one of my surgeries as it's too soon
The surgeon explained the procedure well and took his time in answering my questions very lovely man . Made you feel very comfortable.
The nursing staff are so lovely nothing is to much trouble.
The hospital was very clean tidy.
Stunning Makeovers drivers were great every time I had an appointment they where on time.
The hotel Stunning Makeovers arranged was great. Location wise can not fault. Great breakfast . Good food. The hotel staff are very accommodating and will help you.
Sandra B. from Mildura Australia
I am surprised at how well I am doing 2 days after surgery. Very little bruising or swelling and no pain relief only for a sore back for some reason maybe the bed.
I am being released from hospital tomorrow, I had a visit from the lovely Mia today she was very impressed with my progress, Thank you for the well organised surgery trip to Thailand . 
My recovery has been remarkable no pain or setbacks. I am seeing the other girls in the group every day and enjoying the catch ups. 
The rest of my stitches come out Monday so I'm looking forward to the end of the procedure.  
Jennette H. from Christchurch, New Zealand

All going good, no problems and every day gets better. I'm so pleased I chose the right doctor, I'm very happy.

Danielle A. from Dunedin, New Zealand

My recovery has been fantastic! Everything is now healed and just continuing scar treatment. I am extremly happy with my result as well as my experience with Dr Pongsatorn, PPSI and Stunning Makeovers.

Maryann U. from Adelaide, Australia

I'm more then happy with the results.  Thank you for making it easy in a foreign country.  I recommend to everyone  to go through Stunning Makeovers.

Sandra B. from Mildura, Australia

I 'm extremely happy with my new look it has been over and beyond my expectations.

Luke B. from Auckland, New Zealand
I'm just so glad that I went through Stunning Makeovers, you have been such a help every step of the way.
I'm really impressed and it's amazing to get the same high quality level of service received that Melissa did 4 years ago. 
The trip is going well, just like clockwork. Everything that you arranged has worked out just as the itinerary said it would. Bangkok has been very nice, the service from all facilities has been great. The surgery went well and I'm just resting and recovering. Can't wait to see the result and what Dr Thawatchai managed to do. 
I can see why your clients often return. I'm already thinking what I might do next haha. 
Luke B. from Auckland, New Zealand
Healing is going well, its amazing its been just over a month already. Feedback from friends and family has been excellent as to how natural it looks. I still cant make a final judgement on the result at this stage as it takes 6 months to a year for all swelling to resolve and the true final form to show through. But I can say at this stage so far so good. 
Also I would just like to comment how excellent Stunning Makeovers has been during the whole process, pre care and post care has been phenomenal just as before with my wifes surgery, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Stunning Makeovers to others, or go through Stunning Makeovers myself again. 
Leah S. from Wellington, New Zealand
I was thoroughly pleased with the level of organisation and care that went into my trip. Everything was so well organized and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Transfers to and from the hotel/hosptial were very well organized thank you.The hotel was great. The staff were really friendly and helpful. The room was great. The location was great for shopping. The hotel food was great. Breakfast had so much variety!
The surgeon was amazing, she answered everything well and did a great job. The nursing and support staff were so attentive and provided a high level of care. They were all so kind and friendly.The facilities were amazing. The hospital room was like a hotel room!   
I chose Stunning Makeovers because I trusted their knowledge. I wanted to go to Thailand and feel confident about surgeons and plans that I was making. I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service. I couldn't have wished for a better trip.I have already recommended you to others.  
Melanie P. from Whangarei, New Zealand
I've not long awoken from recovery.
Superb standards of care throughout all the numerous departments that have each been part of a seamlessly coordinated programme.
Everyone at the hospital have been superb, not only in the excellent standards of care but with invaluably comprehensive communications leaving me worry free to recover.
Thanks again for your excellent service.
Fergal B. from NSW, Australia

I believe Stunning Makeovers service both before, during after my operation has been highly professional and extremely patient focused.

I was the one who selected Dr Thawatchai at Yanhee hospital, and he agreed to see me and operate the day after I arrived on January 2 which was appreciated. The overall service from the hospital was also excellent.