Dental Crown



Surgery: Dental Crown (Cap)

A dental crown completely covers and protects a tooth. It can be used after a root canal treatment or for a broken or weakened tooth to provide protection and strength.

A dental crown may also be recommended to improve the appearance of front teeth where veneers are not a suitable option.

While the outer material of a dental crown is porcelain so as to appear like a natural tooth, the underlying structure may be made of an alloy or precious metal for strength or additional protection. Full porcelain crowns are also available.



How soon can I have this treatment?

We can secure priority appointments for our clients subject to the dental specialist’s availability. However it is best to request an appointment well in advance.

What are crowns and what are they used for?

Crowns are similar to a cap that fits around the natural tooth. They are used to provide strength and protection to teeth that may have become brittle or cracked or are weakened due to a root canal treatment. They are also used for smile makeovers to improve the appearance of misaligned or uneven teeth. They can be used in cases where veneers are unsuitable to improve the appearance of chipped or discoloured teeth.

What are crowns made of?

Most dental crowns are made of a combination of a metal base/framework covered with porcelain. This provides strength and if softer precious metals are used as the base, they can provide added protection to the root of the tooth. Full porcelain crowns are also available.

Which teeth can I have crowns for?

Virtually any teeth can have a crown fitted if recommended by the surgeon.

What preparation is needed for crowns?

The dentist prepares the teeth with the hand-piece to reduce the overall size of the tooth on all five surfaces. If necessary a post may also be placed into the natural tooth for strength.

How long does it take to get crowns made?

Usually about 7-10 days is required after having teeth prepared and the impressions sent to the laboratory. The preparation process can take several days dependent upon the condition and number of your teeth to be crowned.

How are crowns fixed to the teeth?

They are then cemented to your teeth by the dentist. A post may be required to provide strength.

How long do I have to stay in Thailand?

If you have no underlying conditions such as gum disease or other problems 10 days is usually long enough to have your teeth prepared and the crowns produced and fitted. If you have other dental health issues that will affect the teeth to be crowned, it will have to be addressed first and may take additional time.

Why can’t I leave sooner?

The crowns are produced in a laboratory and time is required to produce them.

How much do crowns cost?

The cost of crowns vary dependant upon the location of the tooth and the materials used. To get a free estimate for crowns please click here

How can I get a dental opinion before travelling overseas?

To get a free dental opinion and estimate for treatment please send your photos/dental report and x-rays if possible. Please also complete the questionnaire by clicking here

Can I have dental treatment and plastic surgery?

Some plastic surgery and dental treatment can be arranged during the same trip but it is not recommended to have dental treatment after facial surgery including eyelids surgery or vision correction.

Can I talk to a past patient?

Yes, many of our clients are very happy to talk to others that are planning dental treatment through Stunning Makeovers. Before we can put you in touch, please send your photos and complete the questionnaire by clicking here.



Julia V from New Zealand

I found the company online and after meeting Paul and Swee personally at an information evening, I felt confident to plan for surgery overseas. 

The surgeon was professional and helpful. The dentist definitely knows her stuff.  The results of the work are great. I had a couple of crowns that she was not happy with when they arrived from the technicians so she sent them back.  This was a pain in relation to having to have extra trips to the dentist but I was more than happy to do this to get work that she thought was a higher standard.

Service was excellent at the time of surgery and during subsequent visits; staff were very helpful and quick to offer assistance when needed. The hospital facilities was excellent, definitely as good as any New Zealandhospital. 

I would get more dental treatment if I was in Thailand.

Thanks for all your work on my case, I appreciate your personal and professional help. Ultimately was very satisfied with Stunning Makeover’s service and personal care.