Surgery: Dentures

Acrylic and metal frame dentures can replace just one missing tooth or all of the upper and/or lower teeth. 



How soon can I have this treatment?

We can secure priority appointments for our clients subject to the dental specialist’s availability. However it is best to request an appointment well in advance.

What is a denture?

A denture consists of false teeth attached to an acrylic or metal framework. It may be for one or several teeth (partial denture) or a full denture for one or both jaws.

How long does it take to get a denture partial denture?

Usually, 10 days is long enough after you have your impression taken and sent to the dental laboratory.

How much does a denture cost?

The cost depends on the number of missing teeth and their location and the material used for the denture. To get a free estimate for a denture please click here

How can I get a dental opinion before travelling overseas?

To get a free dental opinion and estimate for a denture please send your photos of your natural teeth (if any) and a photo of the bridge you currently wear. Please also complete the questionnaire by clicking here

Can I have dental treatment and plastic surgery?

Some plastic surgery and dental treatment can be arranged during the same trip but it is not recommended to have dental treatment after facial surgery including eyelids surgery or vision correction.

Can I talk to a past patient?

Yes, many of our clients are very happy to talk to others that are planning dental treatment through Stunning Makeovers. Before we can put you in touch, please send your photos and complete the questionnaire by clicking here.



Richard W from New Zealand

The surgeon/dentist was extremely efficient, very professional and skilled. The nursing and support staff were just fantastic making us feel comfortable and very accommodating of specific needs. The service was of high standard and the facilities were very well equipped and adequate for the work offered.

Your accommodation of other extra requests we had while in Bangkokwas great …….Thank you

I certainly would return for more surgery/dental treatment and would recommend Stunning Makeovers. It was just so simple and flawless.

Very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers. You did an excellent job Paul.

Glen D from

I found the Surgeon/Dentist very efficient and caring. The nursing and support staff were also very good followed by efficient and prompt service. In addition to that, the facilities were fine and very clean. I am very pleased with the results.

I would definitely return for further treatment and will definitely recommend the service to others