Root Canal Treatment



Surgery: Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is performed when the nerve or pulp of the tooth becomes infected. The procedure involves removing the pulp and nerve inside. It is then cleaned and sealed.

A dental crown is usually recommended following treatment to provide the treated tooth with more strength.


How soon can I have this treatment?

We can secure priority appointments for our clients subject to the dental specialist’s availability. However it is best to request an appointment well in advance.

How long do I have to stay in Thailand?

If you have no underlying conditions such as gum disease or other problems, 10 days is usually long enough to have a root canal treatment and follow up. If you plan to have a crown fitted after treatment, please allow another 5-7 days.

Will I have a consultation with the dental specialist when I arrive?

Yes, the specialist will examine your teerh and will discuss the best options for the tooth to be treated.

How much does a root canal cost?

The cost of a root canal can vary dependant upon the materials used and location of the tooth. To get a free estimate for a root canal please click here

Can I have dental treatment and plastic surgery?

Some plastic surgery and dental treatment can be arranged during the same trip but it is not recommended to have dental treatment after facial surgery including eyelids surgery or vision correction.

How can I get a dental opinion before travelling overseas?

To get a free dental opinion and estimate for a root canal treatment, please send your dental x-rays and complete the questionnaire by clicking here

Can I talk to a past patient?

Yes, many of our clients are very happy to talk to others that are planning dental treatment through Stunning Makeovers. Before we can put you in touch, please send your photos and complete the questionnaire by clicking here.



Julia V from New Zealand

I found the company online and after meeting Paul and Swee personally at an information evening, I felt confident to plan for surgery overseas. 

The surgeon was professional and helpful. The dentist definitely knows her stuff.  The results of the work are great. I had a couple of crowns that she was not happy with when they arrived from the technicians so she sent them back.  This was a pain in relation to having to have extra trips to the dentist but I was more than happy to do this to get work that she thought was a higher standard.

Service was excellent at the time of surgery and during subsequent visits; staff were very helpful and quick to offer assistance when needed. The hospital facilities was excellent, definitely as good as any New Zealandhospital. 

I would get more dental treatment if I was in Thailand.

Thanks for all your work on my case, I appreciate your personal and professional help. Ultimately was very satisfied with Stunning Makeover’s service and personal care.