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  • Auckland, New Zealand
    (Smile Makeover)
    I am 110% satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service.

  • Auckland, New Zealand
    (Breast Augmentation)
    all spoke good English which was re-assuring and nothing was too much trouble

  • Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
    (Tummy Tuck)
    Very impressed with the service

  • Auckland, New Zealand
    (Breast Augmentation)
    So much better than I had imagined and the hospital was great

  • Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
    (Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction)
    Stunning Makeovers in-hospital co-ordinator was a delight

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Welcome to Stunning Makeovers


Making Dreams Come True

A new you. Sexier. Youthful. More self-assured. Cosmetic surgery is no longer just for the rich and famous. With the help of Stunning Makeovers you too can gain access to world class surgeons in world class facilities and have the cosmetic surgery you desire… at a cost that is within your reach.

Stunning Makeovers specialises in providing tropical surgical holidays, working with leading hospitals and surgeons in Thailand. The cost of treatment and travel is often cheaper than just the treatment if completed in your home country. We organise everything, from arranging the surgery, booking your travel, collecting you from the airport and organising your post-operative care.

The surgeons are internationally trained and certified and the hospitals amongst the best you'll find. The procedures available include:

Cosmetic SurgeryPlastic Surgery

Find out more about the most popular plastic surgeries available.

There are a vast range of other surgeries and non surgical options available but we have listed only the most popular proceudres requested. 



Body Legs and Arms

Intimate Surgeries 

Cosmetic Surgery
Dental SurgeryCosmetic Dentistry

Theres a complete range of cosmetic dentistry. The Dental Specialists are highly trained and offer the latest dental treatments available.

Dental Surgery

Our HospitalsHospitals

Read more about the world-class and internationally accredited hospitals we work with.


Cosmetic Surgery Hospitals
Dental CentresDental Centres

Read more about the Dental Specialist Centres


Dental Surgery Centres

Note: Surgical procedures have benefits and risks.  Consider this option of overseas treatment carefully.  Please note insurance for elective procedures overseas is not available. Discuss this with your doctor if you have any concerns and ask if this is right for you. A website review of your case would not replace the individual assessment in person by a healthcare professional.  Suitable travel insurance cover should be obtained.

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